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Official statement: "The DDO game worlds are temporarily unavailable while we investigate game performance and other issues. The game worlds will remain down overnight, and we will have more information tomorrow morning. We are currently working to deploy a game update to address these issues." DDO Twitter

Who's Playing Where?

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Quarterly Summary

by server.

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Who's Playing When?

by time of day and by day of the week.

Time of Day

The average population each hour of the day. 24-hour format.

Day of Week

The average population each day of the week.

Who's Playing What?


class distribution (primary class) and level distribution (total character level).

Class Distribution

The percentage of active players running each class. This report counts primary class only. Normalized for population. Quarterly rolling average. Read more.

Character Level Distribution

The percentage of active players at each level. This report counts total level, including epic levels. Normalized for population. Quarterly rolling average.

Content Level Distribution

The level of content being played. This report counts each time a player enters a quest regardless of whether or not the quest is completed. Normalized for population. Quarterly rolling average.

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The most commonly-played quests on DDO for the last 30 days. Read more.
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